March 1, 2021


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The 4 infallible strategies of digital Real Estate Marketing

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Real estate marketing brings together the set of strategies that allow you to attract potential real estate buyers. Traditionally, this market has resorted to tactics such as buying billboards or advertisements in the press.

However, the internet and changes in consumer habits forced us to jump from traditional marketing methods to digital marketing.

Downloadable websites, pages, brochures are no longer alternatives but the basis of the main strategies for the sale of real estate.

However, by themselves, these tactics do not guarantee success, as competition and the variety of people active online make it difficult for real estate sellers to bring their offers to ideal buyers who have the right budget and profile to make more closings. rapid.

Many projects begin to be marketed long before construction is completed, so securing sales allows many real estate projects to be completed.

To face this reality of the market, streamline sales strategies, get more and better prospects in the shortest time possible, there is the Inbound methodology.

As we have explained on other occasions, Inbound marketing is based on a series of strategies that allow you to attract those ideal prospects and increase their interest in your products through interesting and useful content to decide to invest in the goods you offer.

These strategies have positively impacted the market in several ways:

  • By finding ideal prospects, sales close much faster.
  • Your sales team focuses only on valuable prospects, saving you time and money.
  • Prospects are drawn to your products and enter an automated follow-up process.
  • Your advertising investment is used better than when printing brochures or buying spaces in traditional media: press, TV, etc.
  • It is possible to measure the effectiveness of each dollar invested in marketing and improve the strategy based on statistics and real figures.

The costs of implementing an inbound strategy are much lower and it is more effective than traditional advertising methods.

The benefits of an Inbound strategy for the real estate market are being proven by many developers and marketers.

Among the Inbound tactics there are strategies that you can integrate into your digital marketing efforts and that are proving highly effective for faster closings and optimizing your advertising investment in real estate:


1. Organic SEO and by Ads

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. What does it mean? It means carrying out a content strategy and effectively ordering the information about your products on the website so that Google-type search engines integrate them into their results when a user performs a search.

Today, people who are actively looking for real estate products online are “googling” some terms such as:

where to buy houses in Blue world city best apartments to invest best places to live with family the safest colonies to live that it is better to rent or buy a house

And they write it like that as is, without capital letters or accents.

An SEO strategy allows your real estate website or blog to appear in the results of these searches.

It is done through the use of keywords or topics and through them a content strategy is created that solves doubts, concerns or clarifies the most important aspects for those looking to buy a house, apartment or commercial lots.

SEO will allow you to locate your products among the searches that your potential prospects are making.

If they do not know the city where your real estate development is located, write content on your blog that precisely addresses the issue of places where people live better.

This also build trust t and allows “hook” a prospect and start to nurture it until it becomes buyer.

Another way to generate fast rankings is by using paid strategies known as Pay Per Click or PPC. itallows you to position yourself for a while at the top of Google results and only pay for the number of clicks received.

Each user who clicks on your ads will enter your sales channel and increase the number of visitors to your websites or product pages.


An optimal PPC campaign allows you to capture the best prospects and qualify them according to their level of interest.

2. Activate your presence on social networks and interact with your prospects

Social media are tools that forever transformed the online consumption habits of your ideal prospects.

Using them protfitably allows you to interact with everyone interested in your assets.

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedln, etc. There are many options, but the first thing is to identify in which channels your prospects are and focus on those where your brand would have the greatest impact.

Social networks allow several actions:

They help you spread the content of your website and blog.

They allow you to interact directly with interested parties in your assets.

Through the use of ads, you can reach the prospects that interest you, segment your market, and personalize your advertising.

You can monitor the tactics of your competition and differentiate yourself from it by optimizing your strategies every so often.

It allows you to receive evaluations about your properties. Your customers share their opinion, and it is up to you that these opinions allow you to influence the decision of the people who are researching your brand and products.

The most important thing before establishing your networking strategy is to put yourself in the shoes of your prospects, what information interests them the most? Present it quickly and clearly: your projects, renders, brochures, payment methods, etc.

3. Content marketing

Content marketing is a strategic marketing process focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content that is intended to attract and retain potential prospects who ultimately become buyers.

  • Content marketing is essential in an Inbound strategy. As you know, inbound is based on3 actions:
  • Attract: convert strangers into visitors to your website or social platforms.
  • Engage: Build relationships with prospects by providing them with content that offers solutions that align with their goals.
  • Delight: Provide valuable experiences to prospects to achieve their goals and that they become promoters of your real estate products.

These actions always move around your prospects according to your qualification standards.

In all of them, content is necessary both to attract, engage and delight.

Create content for each of these actions and establish a long-term strategy where only consistency and analysis of results will allow you to optimize your sales times by capturing the best prospects.

4. Invest in video marketing

Today, the largest amount of content consumed online is video

Take advantage of all the qualities of this format:

A video of your properties allows your prospects more knowledge and generates impact.

Most prospects consume video and watch it in its entirety, as opposed to written content.

YouTube is the second most used search engine with one billion users.

Digital market research company eMarketer estimates that 66% of people who watch a video more than once will make a purchase.

Video ads have the highest click-through rate.

The video allows you to show different facets of your real estate products, show off the facade, design, interiors and exteriors. It allows you to impact the searches of your possible prospects by offering a closer image.

If your products are under construction, don’t worry, the use of renders and digital simulators allows you to share a bit of the experience that your development will offer to its inhabitants.

Much to do in Inbound Marketing. It is worth it? Of course

The key to the success of any real estate marketing strategy under the Inbound method is perseverance.

Analyzing and testing is part of everyday work, but the results will speak for themselves.

In addition to being a methodology with technological tools, Inbound is a philosophy that seeks to help, guide and accompany a prospect through their purchase route in a humane and empathetic way.

We have proven the success of applying an inbound strategy in the real estate market and we have helped highly prestigious developer companies to consolidate their methods and optimize their closing times.

Our work has allowed us to obtain the Platinum Partner badge under the HubSpot standards , the technology software that facilitates the integration of all the necessary tools to carry out Inbound campaigns.

If you are considering joining companies already apply the methodology that adapts to the new times of digital marketing, contact us and j daubs can boost your real estate project.

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