March 1, 2021


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Technology – Meaning and Effects on Life

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The word recreation implies the way toward imagining, an impersonation or portrayal of conduct, definedside of one framework using another framework.

The military, law implementation and organizations

Utilize the technology of computer generated reality as a preparation device, to prepare for the genuine article. The technology of computer generated reality may give an incomplete learning experience, a scholarly encounter yet not a human experience. It is a fragmented encounter that comes up short on the full incorporation of the five detects, the very faculties through which we experience being human. At the point when we become mindful and feel a full tangible encounter, incorporated through a shared actual experience, it becomes utilitarian, building up a human expertise that we can use in future connections.

  1. As present day technology requires our psychological self to accelerate, the remainder of our sensory system lingers behind.
  2. This eventually turns into an extension excessively far and we make a split inside ourselves, pitting technical being against person: a mind without a body, keenness without feeling.
  3. It doesn’t need to be like this. Technology can improve the human world, yet technology can likewise upgrade the individual.
  4. What is required are better approaches to incorporate technology with fundamental human necessities and utilize that technology in the help of human turn of events.


It is through the human formative phase of imagine play and utilizing The Movie Making Process, that an imaginative union and creative arrangement can be found between the universe of human necessities and the period of technology.

The Movie Making Process is a concurrent learning and instructing apparatus that fuses human advancement with the most awesome aspect the present computerized technology. Mind, body, mindfulness and feelings, converge through a shared and significant involvement in others. This shared and important involvement in others is something people are hard-wired to require. Without it, there is a void inside that requirements and wants to

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