January 25, 2021


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Myticmeseenger gaming models and playing tips

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The game has 3 story modes recorded beneath:


  1. Easygoing Story
  2. Profound Story
  3. Another Story

In easygoing story mode, the hero will have three courses for example Zen, Yoosung, and Jaehee. In Deep Story mode there are two character courses accessible for example Jumin Han and 707 whose genuine name is Saeyoung Choi.

At first, there were just 2 story modes accessible for players however a couple of years after the fact game makers dispatched a third mode called ”Another Story” that has two courses, V and Ray.

It merits realizing that the easygoing story mode is unreservedly available however the profound story and another story can be gotten to by spending a specific measure of hourglasses that can be bought through an in-application buy instrument.

How to play mystic messenger?

The game for example Mystic Messenger with mystic messenger emailbegins with the downloading of a versatile application evidently for anecdotal dating encounters. Subsequent to enlisting with the game, adding name and profile picture the player ends up visiting with a strange character what name’s identity is’ ‘Obscure’.

The very character at first tells that he found the telephone with Messenger application some place on a tram and he needs to locate the proprietor of the telephone. He at that point demands the player to go to a particular area that is saved money on the telephone planning to locate the proprietor of the cell phone.

The player winds up on the entryway of a loft at some area and the entryway has a secret phrase secured lock. The ‘Obscure’ at that point gives the secret word to the lock and after entering the condo, the talk area with the ‘Obscure’ essentially disappears and the player winds up among a few new characters visiting with each other before they notice the player.


After examination and affirmation of the player being innocuous and not a programmer they at that point welcome the player to join an association called “Rika’s Fundraising Association” or RFA. The association used to have gatherings to raise assets for various causes until the miserable and tragic end of its organizer RIKA.


At that point the player is approached to fill for the part of left head of RFA for example Rika, converse with various visitors and attempt to persuade them to go to the gathering facilitated by RFA. The objective is to get however many as could be expected under the circumstances individuals from RFA to the occasions.

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